Compartments of Proepicardial Organ




Compartments of Proepicardial Organ

Heart development is a complex process. Many different types of heart tissues are derived from the proepicardial organ (PEO). This work was inspired by a recent discovery that that PEO is organized into genetically distinct subcompartments. In the image, the drawers are a metaphor for the different genetic compartments of PEO, and the white model heart represents a developing heart before being coated by PEO cells. During heart development, cells from PEO migrate to the heart, gradually cover its surface, and give rise to different heart tissues. This process is depicted in the image by the red color painted by the brushes from the drawers – with the red paint, the white model heart will transform into a real red mature heart.

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  1. Steve says:

    Masterpiece! It’s telling a deep story :)