SMN and Gemin5 in Spliceosomal snRNP Biogenesis

Cover for Molecular Cell
28 May, 2010
Volume 38, Issue 4

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The cover artwork illustrates a key transient intermediate of Gemin5 (depicted as a cat whose paw is shown in the cytoplasm) capturing a newly exported pre-snRNA (depicted as mice) by its tail. The captured intermediate subsequently joins with the SMN subunit to form the active assembly complex. This work was in collaboration with Dr. Gideon Dreyfuss

One response to “SMN and Gemin5 in Spliceosomal snRNP Biogenesis”

  1. Yuva says:

    Hey Lily!

    It is impressive work, and I definitely love the humorous creative, non-traditional touch! I am also moving in the same direction, as a last year PhD student, would love to have your comment on my website, very inspiring illustrations! All the best, good luck and happy thanks giving..