p53 and Malic Enzymes Modulates Metabolism and Senescence

This work was inspired by the research on cancer metabolism in Dr. Xiaolu Yang’s lab. Deeply influenced by Joan Miró, Lili solutes to this great artist in this work.

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p53 couples the metabolism and senescence. p53 represses the expression of tricarboxylic acid cycle (TCA cycle)-associated malic enzymes (MEs) and thereby affect cell metabolism and cell growth. MEs down-regulation induces p53 activation through different mechanisms in a feed-forward manner, leading to strong induction of senescence, but not apoptosis in the cells.  This image features the TCA cycle with malic enzyme converting malate (four carbons) to pyruvate (three carbons) in the shape of a clock (left). The Hands of the clock point to the right aging process of cells: baby cell (top), young cell (middle right) and senescence cell (bottom). The four hand nuts indicate the p53 tetramer which functions in senescence timing through regulation of TCA cycle-associated malic enzyme.

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  1. Kun says:

    Among all your works this is my most favorite one. It makes me think of the ones by Joan Miro! You are so talented! Keep up with the good work!